Are you, or someone you, know planning a wedding for 2018/2019? In our latest blog, Wirral-based wedding photographer Sandy from Pixsmiths has given us her top tips for choosing the right person to capture the Big Day.



Pixsmiths are West Kirby-based wedding photographers.  A husband and wife team with over 15 years experience. They travel widely for weddings throughout the Northwest and for Destination Weddings.

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Sadly these days we see so many stories of couples disappointed with their wedding images, didn’t get the ones they wanted or worse their photographer has disappeared and no images forthcoming. 

Now you don’t get married everyday, hopefully once in a lifetime, and we appreciate it can be a bit of a minefield researching and knowing what to expect from a good photographer. After all your images can’t be repeated and when the dress is in the wardrobe and the cake is all eaten these are the memories you will have.


Let me share some tips to get you started:

Look at several photographers sites. Are they wedding specialists or covering all genres Are they showing up to date work or is there last wedding moths/years ago.  Check out their social media accounts like Instagram to see how active they are. Reviews may also be helpful.  Look for consistency in image styles.  If they vary widely check that they are their own images – sadly stolen images may be used and mislead clients.  Images can be pulled into Google and searched to see where else they can be found.

Choose one who takes pictures that you like first and foremost.  Does their style/colour/tone of images resonate with you. Ask to see at least 2 complete wedding galleries – not just their selected highlights.  This will demonstrate consistency.  If having a winter wedding ask to see a winter wedding.

A good professional photographer will have a professional website not just a facebook business profile. Contact details such as address, dedicated business telephone number should be displayed. Their email address should be business email not a gmail or hotmail.

Look for terms and conditions legally obliged to send with pre contract info such as service, product, cancellation and complaint procedures.

Up-to-date sites should have a Privacy Policy in line with GDPR regulations.

Get a written contract and booking form outlining what is covered and any products provided.

Meet with them, a wedding day is a long day if you don’t get on!

Have a list of questions prepared e.g.:

  • Are bride and groom preps covered, how long in evening do they stay?
  • What back up plans they have for images/equipment?
  • When and how will images be delivered?

Tell them what is the most important to you on your day. A photographer should go through a timeline of your day to help you plan.

Communicate with them about any must have family group shots, if important to you

Of course budget may play a part in your decision making, but please remember, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. A good quality, experienced professional is usually more than £1,000 for a full day coverage… more if with a second photographer.

Look at real album samples. Albums vary so much in quality so it’s good to touch and feel them and know exactly what to expect. Ask about number of spreads, how much any extra spreads are. 

The way technology changes so fast – gone through floppy discs/CD’s in our day…even USB’s are becoming less common with many just having mobiles and tablets – minus USB ports!

It’s a lot to research but an amazing photographer will give you wonderful memories to cherish from your day so its important to spend some time on it.

Most of all enjoy the planning and enjoy your special day!