This is our first blog in a little while, but boy it’s a worthwhile one!

Local author/illustrator, Gillian Seale, tells us all about a new CIC business she’s set up, which aims to help support families who are dealing with life-changing illnesses.

Gillian Seale, Tailored Yarn

Gillian Seale, Tailored Yarn

Tailored Yarn skillfully provides beautifully illustrated fictional story books containing family hopes, dreams, memories and interesting factual details.

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I’m currently in the process of setting up a community investment company (CIC) to write and illustrate meaningful, bespoke, fictional children’s stories for families battling with cancer or other terminal illnesses. It is similar to the idea of memory boxes but distinctive, in the unusual format of a legacy of literature, which is not offered anywhere else. As the name suggests, the stories are uniquely tailored to each individual family about their journey travelled together.

This project is aimed at socially benefiting families facing serious health challenges. Each story will be specially designed to reveal the facts, along with favourite family memories and intimate details, woven together in an exciting fictional adventure story. Under the surface it will be overflowing with personal achievements, hopes, fears and dreams. I’ve imagined myself in the same situation as parents who have received a diagnosis of a life-limiting illness. This made me consider what I would most want to leave to my own young children, who absolutely love reading books. From this my vision became crystal clear. It addresses the need to preserve memories for young children to treasure for a lifetime. If a wider audience of children enjoy reading the stories that I create, then my business will have succeeded in its mission.

Tailored Yarn has launched its first children’s fictional adventure story, called Post Pixie Missing in Action. This is a captivating and beautifully illustrated story about friendship; teaching children about empathy, confidence and perseverance. It’s 14 chapters long and suitable for children aged five to ten. I’ve read the book at my children’s school and it got a great reception. It has fifty pages of coloured illustrations which have taken years to complete but the results are breathtaking.

It is now available to order on Kickstarter with many exciting rewards such as greeting cards and original calligraphy. It has reached 20% of it’s goal within a week so there is every hope of success. If this is exceeded then there will be additional awards given to all backers of the campaign and a free mini calendar to download for everyone who shares on social media.

The story’s itself was inspired by a friend of mine who was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, a rare muscle wasting condition, at the age of eleven. She worked as a hospital dietician and enjoys baking. We meet up for lunch every week and have read countless books together over the years. It was her idea to make the theme about the importance of depending on one another in a world which teaches us all about being independent.

Like embroidered tapestries and quilt, these uniquely tailored stories may have hundreds of hours sewn into them. The aim is to turn each one into a special legacy, which is bestowed as a priceless gift.