Yesterday’s meeting was a great success and we really appreciated that it was hosted by a new business venture in West Kirby; Sean & Liam Wilding who now own Scout Bar Cafe and have got dramatic plans for its future. We wish them well on their journey and we would encourage our network members to support them (we’ve heard that the hot chocolates are something special!).

The meeting yesterday was full of new faces as well as plenty of familiar ones – it’s great to see our reach increasing further. The group as a whole has a very wide ranging set of work skills and life experiences, which we can all draw on, and this becomes more apparent the more meetups we host.

Now that we’ve got 200+ members (how cool is that!?), we thought it was worth us sharing some of our immediate goals and the way forward.

It was always our intention to create a community rather than a corporate cloak which, let’s be honest, most of us have deliberately left behind. We all want to be our own bosses with our own agendas and work life balances and that’s why many of us have taken the leap into business ownership.

Right from the very beginning we said that we didn’t want to be a network conforming to the philosophy of one accountant, one photographer, one plumber, one web designer etc., we are delighted that our community provides us all with choices and a wealth of experience. We’re not here to tell you who to work with, just to help you find some local options to consider. We want to support our local businesses (including our own), it’s that simple.

We are continuing to build this community and yes, it is taking us a little longer than we imagined as we are juggling our own business and personal lives to make it happen. But, our passion and vision for it remains the same.


Ultimately there will be paid subscription options available, the funds from which will be used to run the website and the meetings, which up to now have been at our own expense (told you we were passionate!).  

If you read our Join Us page you’ll find more details on there and, as you’ll see, we plan to ensure that our network is a very affordable option for all of our members. Not just for the short term either.

With these paid subscriptions, the key areas you will be given access to are the Business Directory, which will enable you to add your business to our site along with all your relevant contact details and social media links, and a Specials Board that you will be able to use to promote whatever element of your business you wish. We will then promote  both of these areas of the site to the whole of West Wirral and beyond (businesses and residents alike) so that we can help bring business your way (and ours), to build local business and to support our neighbours.

This is all still a work in progress as we want to get it right – we’ll let you know as soon as it’s all up and running… make sure you don’t miss out by signing up to our newsletter here.

There will also continue to be a ‘free channel’ in the form of our Facebook page, albeit a more stripped back version than we have now.

We’d like our mission statement to be…

Inclusivity through diversity in order to build a community of communities

Training and events

We will soon be setting up our first lot of business related training sessions and also have plans for ‘social’ events.

Our name

We’re even going to change the name of the network to reflect its members better!

We’re not all based in West Kirby and we’re getting requests from over the Merseyside and Cheshire region to join us now… so it’s definitely time for a change.

Blog posts

We’ve been delighted to get several great contributions to our blog from our members and always ready to receive more. If you’d like to put something together for us, it’s a great way to highlight your own area/s of expertise and to let everyone learn a little more about the person/people behind the brand.

The WKBN was set up by Lynne Gregory and David Edwards in April 2018 with a view to creating a new and exciting local business hub. David is a commercial photographer and brand designer ( and Lynne has a digital consultancy and design business (

Between them, they work with clients nationally and internationally, but would like to work more with local clients. This is how WKBN was born.

Lynne Gregory

Lynne Gregory

Co-founder of WKBN and owner of

David Edwards

David Edwards

Co-founder of WKBN and owner of