NOTES ON SETTING UP your business directory PROFILE

The process of setting up your Business Directory profile really is simple, but just in case you would like a little guidance through the process, here are some notes in the tabs below:

Join Us form

The form is pretty self-explanatory, you just fill in the preferred details. The only piece of ‘must include’ information is the name of your business. However, we strongly recommend that you include at least one method of contact for your viewers, ideally more.

Membership & Payment options

There is just one level of membership currently available, but this may change in the future as our network continues to grow and evolve.

There are two payment options available – you can:

  1. Make a one-off payment for a 12 month membership
  2. Set up a recurring payment (this can be altered later, if desired) so that your account will continue to exist without any further action from you

Don’t forget to use the discount code, assuming you’ve been quick enough to grab one of the limited uses.

Adding your basic company details

Again, this is very self-explanatory, but you just need to fill in the details that are applicable to you/your business.

The first option is to select the correct label/s for your business (the membership tab is there automatically and can’t be removed). These labels will be used to help aid the search function of the Business Directory so it’s important that you use these correctly.  If there aren’t any labels to cover what you do, please get in touch to request a new label to be created.

The rest of the details in this section are needed for your membership, but you can use the options at the bottom of this screenshot to select whether you’re ready for your profile to display in the directory yet and whether you’d like your street address to be included in your profile. It’s worth noting that your business will only appear on the Business Directory Map if you allow your address to be visible.

Profile gallery

The Profile Gallery is an area for you to use to show off some images related to your work. Whether that be a portfolio of artworks or pics of the tasty grub you serve… whatever is relevant to your business.

User studies show that you should ideally upload no more than 12-16 images so just choose your favourites – don’t get too carried away.

The images should be no bigger than 500KB in size, but ideally 200-300KB.  This will help the whole directory (and your profile) load up quicker for viewers.

It’s also worth noting that the gallery images display in square format, until clicked on, when they can be viewed in full landscape or portrait format. Landscape images default to a left-aligned positino until opened, and portrait images default to top-alignment.


Profile description

This is the area you should use to really sell your business to the viewer. This information will show on your business profile page.

Social links

Here’s your chance to share all of your social media accounts with your viewers and to potentially gain some new followers on those accounts.

We recommend that you only add in those you actively update as out-of-date pages are generally less appealing.

Deals / special offers

If you have a special offer on at any time during your membership, you can upload the details here.

You can upload an image/graphic, a title as well a description of the offer available. 

There are a couple of options to choose from for how you want the title layout to show, which you can just play about with to get the look you’re after.

Please note that the offer MUST have a title and description before it will display and that, for now, these offers will be moderated before being published. Please also remember to remove any offers once they’re out-of-date so that the Special Offers page isn’t clogged up with old information.

If you don’t have a website yet, your business profile on here could be a perfect initial online presence for you. Each business profile page will have its own unique URL that you can direct your audience to from your social media accounts, email sign off, etc..

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