David Edwards, internationally published commercial photographer and successful brand designer, continues his talk about the importance of image.
Back in July I wrote an article for this blog… “Image is everything” in which I explored the value of having great team photos. In this second instalment I’m now going to challenge you by asking you a question. What does a photograph mean to you? 

A photograph is a “snapshot” in time (excuse the pun) and most people will identify it as a memory. That memory maybe childhood, wedding, holiday or loved one. It is a hard copy of a tiny portion of our brain whether it is in physical print or on a mobile device… something that may last longer than our actual memory which gets fuddled with all the clutter of everyday life and the many new experiences the grey matter has to deal with.

Leave behind the family snaps we all have where mum or dad have us as minute beings squinting in the sun with a wonky horizon. Turn now the receptors to what we see that creates desire. We are bombarded by visual experiences and it is therefore imperative as a business we have great images… the best possible images.

Why would you want to commission a photographer? Is it worth commissioning a photographer?  

Consistency of delivery… doesn’t matter whether you are choosing a photographer to shoot weddings, interiors, products or fashion. You as a business owner need to know that if you put a photographer in front of a subject then you will get the results you were looking for. You will have seen their work, liked their work and that’s why you commissioned them. 

Why is it appropriate to have great images…? Memory… yes, that personal factor. Images are not only your here and now but also show what you’ve achieved and where you have come from.  

The value of a great archive can’t be underestimated. Imagine you have a new client sat with you and they ask you what you have done… you get your smartphone out and say “well this was us last week… us the week before…” and they are all back to the “dad’s wonky family holiday shots”. How much better would it be if you had a folder of images on the mobile device that tracked different events/products and all those images are your commissioned shots. Consistent great images that showcase how good you are at what you do. Perhaps a stage further a folio of A3 sized prints showing off the very best of what you do… we are funny creatures, we do like to touch and handle photographs and good photographs are great in print! 

The comment above could well be more relevant for the business that relies on a website or social media as a launchpad without face to face contact with its customers. This is your shop front, why wouldn’t you want great images – make sure you dress it well. 

Photography might be a hobby/interest you have but your key driver is building your business. Concentrate on that. A commissioned photographer will deliver you more content to work from, should win you more business and will outweigh the cost of the photographer many times over.

When you have read this blog… pick up your favourite magazine or newspaper supplement look at the images and then pick up your phone and commission some great photographs of your own. 

David Edwards is an internationally published commercial photographer and successful brand designer. He is very approachable and always happy to discuss projects with new and existing clients. www.image61.com