Mental health is a hot topic at the moment.  For a long time now, it has been suggested that cleanliness and order positively affects our mental health. But did you know that it can also affect our productivity?


A 2011 study at Princeton University, demonstrated how being surrounded by clutter or unfinished tasks actually did reduce efficiency (PsychologyToday).   It may sound obvious, but the study proves that if you do try to complete a task with distractions present, you will find it harder to focus and complete the job.

As business owners there is a lot to think about and a lot to do.  We all know how easy it is to let simple distractions interfere with the important tasks in hand. So let me make a suggestion to you and explain how simple changes can achieve positive results. 

Cleaning up

With the study in mind, it is not surprising that more and more people are hiring cleaners to help with the upkeep of their homes.  If a 40+ hour working week is becoming the norm, there simply isn’t time to be doing it yourself.

If you work from home, a cleaner can be a huge help.  Hiring a cleaner can keep you focused because you know the surrounding ‘debris’ will be dealt with.  You could actually call your cleaner an investment. 

For those who have to travel a lot by car for work or who own their own business premises, it is worth considering a cleaner who will take care of those areas too.  There is no point in clearing the decks at home only to go to work and feel overwhelmed by the same scenario.

A solution

Imagine if all your working environments were clear, you could simply crack on with your work, wherever you are, productively.

PristineClean123 are a cleaning company that can offer more than just domestic cleaning.

It is unusual to find a cleaning company who will clean home and commercial properties alongside car and valeting services.

If you are someone who is affected by the distraction of neglected chores and it does impact you and your work, a one stop, all areas cleaner such as PristineClean123 could work for you.  One quick phone call could be an easy fix.

Why not talk to them today to see how they can help?

Do you dislike cleaning? Or perhaps just don’t have the time? Wirral-based cleaning services Pristineclean123 has burst on the scene to offer more than you would expect.  Having over 5 years’ experience in the industry, Director, James realised that there was a need for a cleaning company who could offer more than just one type of cleaning service.

In addition to the usual home cleaning, PristineClean123 also arrange ‘end of tenancy’ visits, one-off deep house cleaning, office cleaning, cleaning of business premises such as pubs or surgeries and also car and holiday home cleaning and valeting.

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