Six months since David and Lynne launched West Kirby Business Network. What a great success. Like all successful ventures the key is in identifying a gap in the market, coming up with a way to fill that gap and then getting out there and shouting about what you’re doing.

By Katherine Nields

By Katherine Nields

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The Wirral Bazaar

I love helping businesses draw attention to great things they’re doing. I’m lucky I work with an amazing tool that helps businesses grab attention and draws people to a business’s new product, their special offers, their big sale or their new premises.

Whether you’re 6 or 60 I challenge you to walk past a balloon display outside a business and not take a peek at what’s going on. Balloons are colourful, eye catching and fun. When people see balloons that little subconscious voice starts yelling “There must be something fun happening, we need to go and check it out”.

We’ve been lucky to work with some fantastic companies and organisations both large and small. November sees the return of one of our favourites, the fabulous Wirral Bazaar. It will be the third year running Wirral Balloon Company will be providing balloons to decorate the event.

This pre-Christmas shopping extravaganza with 70 fabulous stallholders is held at Thornton Manor in their huge Walled Garden marquee on 6 and 7 November. The marquee space is vast, with a pretty high ceiling which, if left empty could feel quite cavernous. Balloons are a brilliant way to decorate the space and the shiny stars in the charity colours add a fabulous, intimate, Christmas party feel.

Working on a large event like this is great fun but requires a lot of planning.

After going through ideas and options with the client and discussing the look and feel they want to achieve we exchange colour swatches and mock up drawings so the client can get a good idea of what we’re proposing. We price up everything per arrangement and where we can always try to give a couple of price points so it’s always possible to find something within the planned budget.

Next using a floor plan for the space we decide where the arrangements will be placed. Although the Wirral Bazaar marquee is empty when we go in to set up once the event gets started the marquee is jam packed with fabulous stalls and the hustle and bustle of Christmas shoppers so we have to make sure our balloons look stunning but don’t get in anyone’s way. Safety is always on our mind, balloon strings can easily become a tangling or trip hazard in a busy environment so we have to make sure everything is carefully positioned.

For the Wirral Bazaar event we prep everything in the studio beforehand and deliver it all inflated.

I’m very lucky to have a specially converted garage space which is my studio. When we closed Party Paraphernalia in early 2016 I knew I needed a dedicated work space, separate from the house, where everything can be stored and organised for speed and efficiency. It’s also given me a space to meet with clients who want to come and look at ideas and colour options.

We arrive early on the morning of the event. It’s chilly in the marquee first thing as the heaters start to kick in but we’re always met with warm greetings from the Kate and the team who work tirelessly all year round to bring together this two day event.

By the time everything is unloaded and in position stall holders are starting to arrive to set up their beautiful tables, so that gives us a chance to make any last minute adjustments to fit around stall holders. Then as things really start to pick up pace we clear up our work area, collect all our bags, ribbon off cuts and so on, take one last walk through to check everything is just right and we’re out the door as the band starts warming up with their festive tunes.

We are thrilled to have the support of Wirral Balloons, who have provided fabulous balloons for the last few years. They have made such an impact on the atmosphere of the event and really add an extra sparkle. Katherine worked really hard to find colours that matched with our logo which was great. Kate Williams

Chair of Wirral Bazaar

Wirral Bazaar is in its 28th year and has so far raised a fabulous £364 000 for North West Cancer Research. This has helped fund projects such as looking at the advantages of proton beam therapies in head and neck cancer treatment and the development of effective skin cancer drugs.

If you are interested in having a stall at next year’s event to sell your goods or interested in sponsoring the fabulous event check out the website and also take a moment to follow them on social media to help spread the word about this fabulous event.


Wirral Balloon Company decorate this event at our charity rate. This rate is available to all registered charities as long as they get in touch with plenty of notice so we can get their event booked in.