What could yoga do for your business?

The second in our series of guest blogs comes from the marvellous Steve and Paul Smith from the Yogasmiths. Several of our members have been attending their classes and beach popup sessions at Red Rocks recently…

Steve and Paul Smith

Steve and Paul Smith

Hi! We are Steve and Paul Smith and have our own yoga business based in West Kirby called Yogasmiths. We teach weekly Traditional Hatha Yoga classes which include a breathing exercise, posture practice and a guided relaxation. We also teach a weekly Gentle Years Yoga class which is chair based for those who need to take their practice a little easier. We are going to be teaching the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs course starting very soon!

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So what can yoga do for your business?

Paul has a background in Human Resources / Learning and Development in the Civil Service and is acutely aware of the forces governing staff satisfaction and staff absenteeism.

The UK office for National Statistics estimated that 137.3 million working days were lost due to sickness or injury in the UK in 2016. Of this total; 30.8.millions of these days were attributed to musculoskeletal problems (including back pain, neck and upper limb problems) and 15.8 million days were lost due to mental health issues (including stress, depression, anxiety and serious conditions.)

Yoga can be a great intervention to help reduce days lost to staff sickness. Yoga equips practitioners with breathing exercises and methods of relaxation to allow them to deal with stress and anxiety better. Yoga can also help alleviate the symptoms of depression.

Gentle yoga exercises have been proven to help with lower back pain which is one of the most common complaints for office workers and manual workers. Yoga postures and gentle dynamic flowing yoga is very therapeutic for the back. Courses such as the Yoga for Healthy Lower backs programme equip participants with the skills and tools to keep their back healthy. This programme is recommended under the NHS NICE guidelines and it has been published in the British Medical Journal.

The increased mindfulness that can be experienced in yoga is helpful in increasing staff satisfaction and focus. The yoga concepts of acceptance and concentration being particularly helpful.

We have delivered a number of yoga & mindfulness sessions for corporate clients both as part of staff wellness / team building days and also as weekly courses. These sessions can be tailored to your HR objectives or to a particular theme. The feedback we have received has been great and staff have reported continuing benefits from being more mindful in their work interactions. We run yoga retreats at a retreat centre and these could also be an excellent team building event exclusively for your staff.

Yoga could provide your business with the following benefits;

  • Reduce days lost to sickness – back pain / stress / anxiety
  • Increased staff satisfaction – mindfulness
  • Reduced staff stress with breathing exercises / mindfulness / ability to relax
  • Better staff focus / concentration
  • Fun Wellness days / team building

You can contact us via our facebook page / website and our email address at yogasmithsorg@gmail.com

You can contact us via our Facebook page / website and our email address at yogasmithsorg@gmail.com.