The latest guest blog is the second one we’ve received from the lovely Lisa Malone who is a freelance copywriter based in West Kirby…

Ditching the kitchen table and surviving as a freelancer

One of the big drivers for me when deciding to leave the security of my 9-5 corporate job was flexibility.  Being able to work from home in my own time was a dream I could make my reality.  Being freelance, I can now work around the day to day child care, appointments, and everything else that we all encounter. When I was office based full time, this seemed unachievable; if anyone bagged a rare day of working from home (WFH) it was met with a bit of envy “oooh very nice, that’s jammy”.

Actually it turns out that WFH isn’t always jammy.  Quite often, the only ‘jamminess’ is the jam I am wiping off my laptop after placing it on my well used kitchen table. Determined to be logged on and in the flow of work by 9am I reluctantly push breakfast items aside and get set up amongst the chaos. 

What’s not to like?

Of course I am very lucky not to be running for the train and having to endure the dull commute to work. I acknowledge this, but by the time it hits 10am I am clawing at the walls. I am trying to focus on my work but out of the corner of my eye I see the mess. It is there inviting me and teasing me as if it will grow even worse by my ignoring it.

If you can ignore your surroundings you might survive this, but to me it is a form of torture. As soon as I hit the joyless tasks that we all like to put off, my attention wonders. I wonder if I could physically blitz the whole downstairs in 10 minutes and be back for my conference call. Bad idea. Sounding breathless and losing your work head is not great when you go to dial in.  If this all sounds familiar then help is at hand.

A flexible solution

Thankfully I am only subjected to WFH once or twice a week now. Having sought out flexible and very reasonable might I add, office arrangements I feel like I can make this work.

I now escape the torture chamber of my kitchen to head to my local hot desking hub. I am also very grateful for the other professionals around me. Adults! Yes! Although this does mean it is less acceptable to sing Little Mix at the top of my voice. I think I will accept the trade.

If you are caught in WFH trauma consider a co-working office space. It is a totally affordable way of working in an office environment with no long term commitment.  It is also a great way of informally networking with other freelancers and small businesses.

If you want to find out more about co-working spaces, I recently wrote a more detailed blog post which included an affordable office space review, as part of my work for MovingSoon.  If you are sat at your kitchen table right now and gazing at the washing machine in a daze, have a read and start Googling for your nearest hot desk hub today.

Lisa Malone

My greatest asset is my ability to transcribe jargon filled, confusing text into clear, engaging content that can be understood and is suitable for a variety of audiences.

It would be easy to label me as a financial copywriter. Whilst that is certainly my specialism my writing is diverse and I can cover any topic.

I also work part time as a content manager for affordable property company MovingSoon. Oh, and I am a mum to two fabulous and active young girls; Isla who is 4 going on 14 and Lana who is a curly haired 2 year-old tornado.

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