The latest in our series of guest blogs comes from Pete Unitt, aka SEO Pete, and will help you to understand and plan your digital marketing for the remainder of 2018

Digital marketing tips for 2018

Marketing your business on the World Wide Web can be a minefield. There are so many different channels to advertise and promote your business with varying results for different businesses. With this guide I aim to demystify it all by breaking down the key areas and provide up to date tips and advice.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

This area is often the hardest for people to grasp as it is not an absolute science due to the nature of how search engines protect their algorithms. Essentially it is the process of optimising a website in order to appear high in search engine results.

It is not a one-off process, it requires on-going attention in order to stay ahead of the competition.

SEO is powerful for businesses as it allows them to be found in search engines organically and pay nothing for a user to click through to their site.

SEO Top Tips

It is no longer possible to throw keyword into your website hundreds of times and expect to be ranking highly for that keyword. Google is extremely smart and looks for many different ranking factors to decide how to rank your site.

Here are a few to consider:


Providing content that is valuable to a user visiting your site is paramount. You need to answer the questions a visitor may have, i.e. if you are selling a service make sure you list the price or at the very least tell them how they can get a quote. If you are creating a guide on “The Best Coffee Shops in West Kirby”, make sure you answer questions such as where is it? Do they offer food? What is the pricing like? Is it Dog-friendly?


A site that can be easily navigated by users and search engines alike is a site that will gain attention from Google.

Make sure you provide a user interface that can be navigated easily on both desktop and mobile. If you fail to direct users to the right page or they cannot find the information they are after they will leave your site which is a signal to the search engines that the site doesn’t answer the query.

Pay per click advertising

PPC is an area that is great when done properly, it can get your website out to an audience instantly, however, this comes at a cost, as you will be paying for each user that visits your site, the amount you pay depends on the keywords and industry you are targeting.

Google Adwords

These ads appear at the very top of search engine results and across websites if you chose a graphical ad option.


Create landing pages that are specific to keywords

If you are a solicitor offering many different services it is wise to have landing pages that are specific to the areas of law you cover, “conveyancing solicitor” should point to a page about conveyancing rather than your home page.

Group keywords correctly

This way you can create ads and target specific keywords, the more specific you can be there better the ad score will be and the lower to cost per click will be.

Consider using remarketing tools

You may have come across this while browsing the web and it is often something that spooks people. When people say “I was just talking about hair straighteners and two minutes later an ad about GHD appears.” While you may think it is due to some conspiracy that Google and Facebook are listening to your conversations, the most likely scenario is that you have previously looked at GHD’s or been on a site that is similar, however this is a debate for another day.

Remarketing is powerful as it allows you to re-target someone who has visited your site. Not only does it re-enforce the message but studies have shown that if you can expose users to your brand after they have visited your site, they are a lot more likely to trust your brand and can come back to buy.

Social media advertising

Social networks are huge and provide another chance to expose your business to potential customers. Social ads are ones that appear in feeds on your social accounts, you might not always know they are ads as they can be targeted in a way that feels organic and this is why they are so powerful.

Consider your audience

The key thing with social ads is that you are targetting the correct demographic for your product or service. It would not be recommended to promote your restaurant to the whole of the UK if you are based in West Kirby, whilst you may wish for people to travel far and wide for your Eggs Royale, you are more than likely going to be spending far too much money on the completely wrong audience. Think about the type of person you are looking to attract, the sort of age they may be and how far they are realistically going to travel.

Ad format

Related to the above, you need to think about the type of ad that will convince your customers to buy. If you are selling food it would be wise to show great pictures of your food, if you are promoting a sailing event create a quick video showing the fun being had.

The above tips are just a small fraction of ways you can improve your online presence in 2018, I hope to go into different areas in more detail in future so if you have a topic you would like me to cover please let me know.

About Pete

Pete is a West Kirby based freelance Digital Marketing expert for his business SEO Pete providing support for small businesses. Having previously owned and operated Rubis Coffee Lounge & Bar in West Kirby he is fully aware of the challenges businesses go through in all areas.