We’ve had a great first six months, with already well over 200 members within our network!

One of our newest joinees is Lois Hayes-Holland who has kindly agreed to give us a bit of background information to her work as a local Wirral artist. You can connect with Lois further via:


Lois Hayes-Holland

Lois Hayes-Holland


Making time for my painting is important and I often find it easier in Italy where I have a small studio.”

When did you first set up your business and what motivated you to do so?

Creativity is my life force. For an artist or sculptor to successfully express themselves there has to be passion. I paint, draw and now sculpt with driftwood because I love it. Having taught courses in drawing and painting from my studio in England for many years, I am now able to spend more time in Italy concentrating upon my own work.

I set up my teaching in the 1990’s and sold my first painting from an exhibition at Art College in 1992.

What are the main products/services your company offers?

Original paintings, limited edition Gyclée and Pinnacle prints and greetings cards. I also teach occasionally; I’ve got an art class next month at the Seagrass Studio in West Kirby.

I embrace a wide palette of subject matter and although watercolour for its spontaneity and freshness is my first choice, pastels and oils have their place in my repertoire too and latterley the joys of working with driftwood collected from the local beaches in Le Marche, Italy.

Who is your key target audience?

People who enjoy more traditional art in general. However, I have exhibited locally on the Wirral and at the ‘Hanover Gallery’ in Liverpool and I have clients in several countries who have either bought my work or commissioned paintings.

Has it all been plain sailing (please pardon the seaside pun!)?

Relatively speaking yes. My lack of technological expertise over the years, however, has hindered the marketing of my work, but I launched my website (loishayesholland.co.uk) a few months ago and I’m currently in the process of having my Facebook and Instagram accounts set up. 

How have you found it working for yourself?

Quite hard as I am not too good at marketing myself.

What does a ‘normal’ day look like for you?

Making time for my painting is important and I often find it easier in Italy where I have a small studio. I do have most of my paintings at my home in West Kirby though, so I occasionally have clients visiting me there to either buy/view a possible purchase or to discuss a commission.

What type of advertising do you find works best for you?

Luckily it is mostly word of mouth. However, the social media aspect is currently being addressed by Lynne, from stripe-vs.com and I’m very interested to see how things can grow from here!


If you were able to go back and give yourself one piece of advice when you were first starting out, what would it be?

Find someone like Lynne to tackle the marketing for me – it’s not my forte!

What is the next step for your business?

To put myself and my work on the open market more prominently.

What are your ultimate goals for the business and are they within sight?

To establish myself as an artist on a wider scale. I think this is now within sight with Lynne’s help.