This week we have a Business Spotlight for the fabulous Flissy’s Coffee Shop at GJ’s.

For anyone who’s not been yet, the café is based at Thurstaston near the top of the Wirral Country Park car park –  it’s perfect for walkers, runners, cyclists as well as anyone else looking for a warm welcome. Dogs are very welcome and are even catered for!

We’re hosting our February meetup (6/2/19) at Flissy’s so do come along and check it out for yourself!

You can find out more about the café via:

“Don’t rush straight into ideas think and reflect on them a little more!”

When did you first set up your business and what motivated you to do so?

April 2018: wanted to not work for a corporate and just be number.

What are the main products/services your company offers?

Food services / coffee shop.

We also have different events taking place throughout the week/month:

  • Art Social every Monday 9.30am 11.30am
  • Dementia together Wirral  every second Wednesday of the month coffee and chat 9.30am onwards.
  • Scrap book making starting on 10 January
  • Children crafting parties.

Who is your key target audience?

Dogs we love the dogs!! Also walkers, bikers, runners and families… anyone really.

Has it all been plain sailing (please pardon the seaside pun!)?

Not at all, but anything that’s plain sailing is not worth doing!!

How have you found it working for yourself?

Amazing – it doesn’t feel like you’re working.

What does a ‘normal’ day look like for you?

A normal day, if there is one, is setting up the coffee shop and supporting the team throughout the day. Then in the evening, working through my never ending list of ‘ideas’ and ‘must dos’ followed by some social media. I’m also regularly distracted by pinterest (because we all do it), then maybe sleep!!

What type of advertising do you find works best for you?

Facebook and Instagram although I always feel like I need to do more! Word of mouth is sometimes the best way I think.

Add us if you use Facebook: Flissy’s coffee shop at GJS

If you were able to go back and give yourself one piece of advice when you were first starting out, what would it be?

Don’t rush straight into ideas think and reflect on them a little more!

What is the next step for your business?

That would be telling!

What are your ultimate goals for the business and are they within sight?

To keep building the business, to increase footfall in the winter.