Continuing our championing of our many, many diverse local businesses, we’ve spoken to Dave Tickner of Dave Handyman Wirral to find out more about his business.

I’m a Handyman, I do most things apart from gas, electrics, plumbing and plastering.

When did you first set up your business and what motivated you to do so?

January 2015. I was working with a builder and he decided to jack it in and run a gym, so it was either find a full time job or put all the skills I’d picked up over the years to good use.

What are the main products/services your company offers?

I’m a Handyman, I do most things apart from gas, electrics, plumbing and plastering. I do interior and exterior work, domestic and commercial.

Who is your key target audience?

Anyone one who owns, rents or lives in a property. Or anyone who owns or rents a commercial building.

Has it all been plain sailing (please pardon the seaside pun!)?

Everything has ran smoothly since day 1!

What’s it like working for yourself?

I love my job. Simple as that.

What does a ‘normal’ day look like for you?

I normally leave the house at 8am, travel to my job, put my radio on (a must) and get cracking. I don’t really take breaks or stop for lunch: I’ll eat as I’m going, leave work, more than likely looking at jobs on my way home, get home, tea, shower, etc. Then do some quotes and source prices for materials.

What type of advertising do you find works best for you?

I’ve worked on word of mouth and recommendations since day 1, I have my Facebook page where I upload pictures of my work etc, have an Instagram page too but only started that not to long ago.

Facebook: davehandymanwirral
Instagram: @dave_handyman_wirral 

What is the next step for your business?

Expansion, taking somebody on to help with my massive workload, as this year has been crazy.

What are your ultimate goals for the business and are they within sight?

My ultimate goal for Dave Handyman Wirral is to have a team of people working for me doing the work to my standard/quality which is what I’ve built my business on.