David Edwards

David Edwards


One of WWBN’s co-founders, David, wanted to write something about Blue Monday… we have 7 days until 20th January (Blue Monday). 


David is a Wirral-based commercial photographer, working with companies large and small, and for those who don’t know his work, you can check it out at – image61.com.

Why is it called Blue Monday?

Apparently everyone is fed up with the weather (I’ve been fed up with that since Spring 2019!), there is the long Christmas break… an even longer gap between payslips (what’s one of those?) and bills are dropping through the door. 

For the self-employed, it is making sure accounts have been finalised and the tax return submitted… and tax paid by the end of the month. Add to that it is a new year and the slate has been wiped clean… clients both current or potential might be suffering the winter blues. Things might be slow to get going and maybe a degree of uncertainty creeps in. Perhaps even self doubt?

I love seeing positive posts, don’t get me wrong… but it is OK not to be fulfilled 100% of the time. Why? Surely if you are fulfilled 100% of the time there isn’t anything else to strive for? Set backs and knock backs make us stronger ultimately and so when a goal is achieved it is all the sweeter, that is fulfilment.

If we were all a touch more honest and open about our business goals and fears we might actually benefit from networking… there isn’t actually a crock of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Perhaps you are reading this and feeling the blues… do talk to someone! If you are one of the lucky and fulfilled 100% of the time with success brimming out of your ears then I’m sure the group would love to hear about it and how you achieve it.

Being honest there is a lot of time where we look like ducks… calm up top but paddling like…. under the surface.

What are your hopes, fears and aspirations for the year ahead?