The third in our series of guest blogs comes from the very talented Lisa Malone who is a freelance copywriter based in West Kirby…


5 reasons you need to review your web copy

You know your website is important to your business so you don’t need me to harp on about ‘first impressions’ and your website effectively being your ‘shop window’.  Instead, let me ask you some questions.  How long have you had your business?  And your website?  When did you last read your own content?  If it’s been a little while, you may want to go back and take a look.  That ‘shop window’ may be getting a bit tired looking and the beautiful content that was so lovingly displayed could have started to fade.

The reason I am writing this is as a content manager and freelance copywriter, I am often asked to review web copy and rewrite it.  What I often find is outdated, jargon filled language with no target audience in mind.  Many clients often admit that they have not reviewed their own online content since their website was first established.  This can be a good few years ago.

Your website should be a reflection of your business; who you are and what you do.   If the words do not accurately portray your services and skills then they are simply not fit for purpose.

Here are my top 5 things to look out for in your content:

1. Ensure your copy still ‘fits’ your brand

When writing copy, you are giving your business a voice.  You should like the way your copy reads and feel that it accurately represents you. If your copy sounds formal, is it still projecting the image you want or do you need to update your copy to sound more conversational? Consider whether the tone is still appropriate for your target audience who may have evolved with your business.

It is also worth reviewing your external communications. Are your emails, letters, brochures and other communications written in the same ‘voice’? Consistency is key to creating your brand; you want all forms of copy to portray the same image of your business. If your website copy hasn’t been written in the same tone as your other marketing materials, it can create a mismatch.

2. Check over grammar and spelling

I am sure your copy will have been well written, or you wouldn’t have posted it.  However, it is always worthwhile completing a ‘health check’. Read over your text thoroughly and if in doubt check it out!  Using a system like Grammarly can help to spot errors that are less obvious. Poor grammar is a huge turn off for your customers who will question your attention to detail and professionalism.

3. Are calculations correct?

If you use any numbers or calculations on your site, it is important to ensure that the figures add up. It sounds obvious but so often when I go to check the figures myself they just don’t work out. This can impact your integrity and trust as a business. This is particularly crucial if you are a financial services or professional organisation. People are not going to proceed to custom if information is wrong at the outset.

4. Is your data and information still accurate?

So much changes over time. As a business or service, your products or services may have altered also. Check to see if your prices are up to date, that you do still offer what you say you do or whether you can now add any additional products or services. It is a good time to also update testimonials or even ask for new ones. Finally, if you have links on your site, check that they are all still working and directing to the right pages.

5. Is your content ‘working’ for you

You need your content to deliver.  It is no good if people simply read it and click away. Update your content to create captivating copy that sells your products and services by capturing attention and creating interest. Avoid language that can be portrayed as over-selling or ‘gimmicky’. You need your copy to be engaging to ensure your audience are reading the important points. Layout of the copy will also help with this.

A regular date with text

Once you have completed an initial review and hopefully, used a few of these points to update your content, make it a regular task. Read over your web pages every six months and you will find that you are making small but effective updates that take no time at all. Doing this will keep your content fresh and ensure that you are giving your business the best first impression possible. Words are your tools, put them to work.

Lisa Malone

My greatest asset is my ability to transcribe jargon filled, confusing text into clear, engaging content that can be understood and is suitable for a variety of audiences.

It would be easy to label me as a financial copywriter. Whilst that is certainly my specialism my writing is diverse and I can cover any topic.

I also work part time as a content manager for affordable property company MovingSoon. Oh, and I am a mum to two fabulous and active young girls; Isla who is 4 going on 14 and Lana who is a curly haired 2 year-old tornado.

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